Commercial Storage Specialists

Whatever area your business is in, whether you are in the food industry or plumbing, space is an essential part to the success of your business. If you don’t have enough space to operate, your business can suffer. Gibbs & Ball are specialists in commercial storage in London so if your business is beginning to outgrow its current premises and you need a bit of extra space we can find the perfect solution for you.

Food Storage

If you need some extra space for perishable foods we can offer you chilled storage to keep your food at the required temperature. We are very experienced in providing storage for the food industry and operate a HACCP (Hazard Analysis ad Critical Control Points) based system to ensure your food is kept in a safe and hygienic environment at all times.

We also provide seasonal storage and temporary overspill storage; these facilities are a great idea for busy periods in your business like the run up to Christmas, or the height of summer. Temporary storage is also a popular choice for businesses that are changing premises and need somewhere to store their office furniture and equipment. If your company has a large fleet of vehicles that need to be stored safely overnight then we can offer vehicle storage. We can also provide you with a number of other storage facilities including:

– Storage space in the form of a complete warehouse, or space by the square foot
– Receiving depot for your deliveries
– Order picking and break bulk facilities
– Storage in pallet racking or container strong rooms

Secure Storage

At Gibbs & Ball we understand that you need to know that our commercial storage spaces are secure places to store your possessions. To ensure all our storage facilities are kept safe and secure at all times, our premises all have CCTV and alarm systems, Red Care monitoring and/or manned guards so you can be confident your products are in safe hands.

If you require any more information about any of our storage solutions get in touch today and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Click here for our contact details or to fill in an online enquiry form.