Require Food Storage Solutions This Summer?

If you are looking for a storage solution for food during the summer months, you will want to make it a facility which will keep your items secure and in good condition throughout. This can be particularly important when it comes to commercial food items, so you will be pleased to know that we at Gibbs and Ball Limited have been providing warehousing facilities for over 50 years, and can also provide reliable transportation services if required too!

Things to Look for When Seeking Storage This Summer

The type of storage space you will require this summer will depend on your exact needs. Here are some of the things that you may want to look for:

• If you manufacture or import food, you will want to store these items in an environment where they will be kept in good condition. You will also need to be sure that anyone dealing with these items understands and follows proper hygiene practices.

• If you have heat-sensitive items, you will want chilled warehousing during the warmer months. At Gibbs & Ball Limited, we provide chilled and ambient storage that will be ideal for this type of item.

• It would be a waste of money to rent storage space that you do not need, this is why it might be better to choose a firm that allows you a wide range of options. Gibbs & Ball Limited offers storage by the foot or pallet – you can even rent an entire warehouse.

• As well as storing your products over the summer months, you may also want to choose a facility that will provide transportation to and from the warehouse.

• One of the most important things to consider when choosing this type of facility is that your items are going to be kept secure. You will want to make sure that the firm takes security seriously and that they have effective security measures in place.

• You will also want to know about what steps this facility takes in order to ensure pest preventatives.

• If your storage needs are going to change over time, you will probably want a facility that can meet your requirements.

Gibbs & Ball Ltd will be a reliable option if you are looking for summer storage – or indeed storage at any time of the year, call us to find out how we can help you this summer.